most expensive house-flats rents in the UK

Top 10 most expensive house-flats rents in the UK

The United Kingdom is a country that would blow your mind away in almost every possible aspect. Housing and accommodation is no exception to this rule. The country is one of the most luxurious places to live in the world, boasting a population in excess of sixty-six million, in addition to the Queen of England. It is almost a myth to behold at how much flat rents cost in the magnificent kingdom. In case you fit the price tag and are willing to cough up a small fortune to rent in the UK, this article is just for you. Let us take a look at the top ten most expensive house-flats rents in the UK in no particular order.

1. London flat rents

London, Home of the Big Ben, makes our first case. The fact that this city has some of the most expensive places to rent should not shock you. Besides boasting a population of over nine million, it is home to The Queen and many business moguls. There are very many beautiful places to live in the city inhabited by millionaires, billionaires, and anybody else with a fat wallet and even deeper pockets. London living is more out of class and belonging rather than a necessity, offering stunning designs by some of the world’s biggest realtors, designers, and architects as well.

London flat rents
London flat rents

The places with the highest price tags in rent are several, for example, Mayfair, Kensington, Hyde Park, and Chelsea, just to mention a few. If a comprehensive list is to be made of all the expensive places to rent in London, we might end up having a Geography lesson here. But the hefty rents of over 150000euros are well justified, if you have the cash, of course. These are huge flats, some spanning palatial sizes we are talking about here.

2. Surrey flat rents

Surrey, the London suburb, is next on the list, with Esher being the center of attraction for most tenants. If you want to rent a suitable property outside London but close enough, this is the best place for you. Here, apartments go for over 2000euros for a simple, elegant, and luxurious one bedroom. Of course, the price will depend on whether you use an agency to find a house or go by yourself. Many agency advertisements of Surrey are clickbait, inviting you to see their country estates, city apartments, and everything ideal.

Esher is a quiet town within Surrey. It will accord you the serenity and peace you deserve after renting for this high price. The streets are regularly tended to with manicured walkways and clean driveways. The town is undoubtedly an excellent place to raise a family in the UK. Many houses are a family size too, being three and four-bedroom design mansions. The pricier homes have their secluded compounds while the rest are beside the road. The good thing with the town is that they are regularly serviced, and you get value for money spent.

3. Oxfordshire flat rents

Oxfordshire is a county in the South East of England, home to Oxford and its famous Oxford University. This makes the town attractive to prospective tenants who might double as scholars. Though it might not be one of the most significant cities in England, it has some posh places and properties to rent. Global realtors have flooded the area with apartments and homes, in a bid to get a taste of the booming property market in the county.

Oxford is the heart and soul of Oxfordshire County, breathing lively atmosphere in the largely pedestrian town. Besides being famous for its university, it is renowned for having dreaming spires. Renting within the city center is quite a hustle. Properties listed go for an average of 800pcm for single room renting and over 1200pcm for a one-bedroom let.

4. Guildford, Surrey places to rent

Guildford, Surrey is a small quiet town in the South East of England whose center shares its name, the medieval Guildford Castle. The town is about 27 miles away from the hub of England, London. Though it’s not the hottest spot in Surrey to live in, it is a place where prospective couples can live and raise a family. The town boasts a good number of homeowners and an even more significant number of tenants. In total, the population in Guildford stands at a few thousand shies of a hundred and fifty thousand people.

Looking to rent in the town is not difficult, mainly because several agencies have made the county their home base, and more importantly, there are relatively few people there. From townhouses, studio apartments, mansions, and even flats you name it, all are present within the small town. These come at the hefty prices averaging 1300pcm for the cheapest one-bedroom house. The town is safe, relatively with a very low crime rate in the last couple of years. The peace and tranquility would allow you the chance to roll back and relax in your home.

5. Birmingham flats to rent

Birmingham, the second-largest city in the United Kingdom after London. It has come up as a manufacturing town and hailed as the trade hub of England and Europe as a whole. Besides having a vast water network in the form of canals and channels, the city is usually quite beautiful under the night sky lit by city and home lights. Brum, as it is known to locals, is a city to wonder and behold for its diverse culture and exquisite cuisine and taste.

Birmingham flats to rent
Birmingham flats to rent


When one is looking to rent in England’s trade hub, they should be looking to live beside the canals and city waterways. Modern apartments have been set up on the edges of these canals, giving tenants a good view of boats crossing these canals. Premium listed homes, two bedrooms in size go for an astounding 250euro PW in rent, quite the price if you ask me. Monthly rents soar up to over 1200euros too. However, houses near canals would cost you many extra euros in rent premiums.

6. Glasgow, Scotland places to rent

Glasgow is a major city in Scotland along the shores of the River Clyde in its Western Lowlands. It is famed for the scenery it accords both tourists and residents as well. It is an art hub, stuffed with many art galleries and mural views. The city is gearing towards converting old industrial buildings into new apartments that will increase the housing levels and quality of life for Glasgow residents.

Properties to rent in Glasgow are in a very wide range, though cheaper than the other towns discussed above. This is because it is a port city in Scotland, not England. Demand for living in this part of the United Kingdom is quite low, making real estate options quite cheaper. A typical two-bedroom apartment in Scotland goes for about 1500pcm while a one-bedroom would fit a price tag of just over one thousand euros PCM. The town is worth a try for anyone willing to explore The UK apart from England.

7. Cardiff, Wales places to rent

If you are looking for posh luxury and comfort infused with beauty, look no further than Cardiff, Wales. To live in an executive house like a celebrity mansion in this town is a dream come true, but for tenants in Cardiff, it is a living reality. The town boasts houses designed to exceed your most significant expectations of a home. Some of these are mansions with glass windows top to bottom, gardens overlooking acres upon acres of eye candy real estate. Architects have scaled the limits of architecture and design to make this port town into a small haven, just for you. A keen look at the infrastructure reveals just how much resources were pumped and the elegance of design

Of course, living in a paradise such as this does not come cheap, and even the rich feel the pinch of coughing up all the rent asked for by landlords. Some properties are so expensive that they stay on the market for up to six months unoccupied. If you’re looking to have a countryside style home with little to no disturbance and a few neighbors, this is the place you are looking for.

8. Belfast, Northern Ireland places to rent

Northern Ireland is not as renowned as its three other counterparts in the United Kingdom, but it is worth looking at how the rich live in this part of the country. The city’s high rent rates are attributed to its growing population of over 290,000 people, increasing demand for housing, making it a battle of the richest. People living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have bought rather than rented in the city since the prices are generally lower.

Enjoyment areas include, but are not limited to, Titanic Belfast, a memorial of the iconic ocean liner, Belfast Castle, Botanic Gardens, and The Historic SS Nomadic ship museum. In the city center, rent rates are just a few euros shy of five hundred for a one-bedroom flat. Outside the city center, rent rates are much lower and quite affordable for the average prospective tenant.

9. Aberdeen, Scotland places to rent

Although Scotland is seeing a drop in the cost of renting houses, there are still a few places whose rents have risen sharply. These increases are attributed to having a higher demand and lower migrations out of the towns. One such place is Aberdeen, Scotland. More and more people are moving to this town, and realtors are making a killing out of this. Rent and sale prices have gone up, and so has the uptake of these properties. It is befitting to say that people just can’t get enough of Aberdeen.

The rent prices in the city of Aberdeen range from six hundred PCM to nine hundred PCM for an elegant two-bedroom apartment. Although it might seem to have lower rates than its most expensive counterparts, the prices are quite high for a part of the kingdom that not many outsiders know about. Residents are treated to various fun spots, such as the Aberdeen Art gallery, Codona’s amusement park, and Duthie Park.

10. Penarth, Wales

Penarth is a small coastal town in Wales, near the north shore of the Severn Estuary. It is a couple of miles away from Cardiff city and relatively unknown outside the UK. In terms of population, it has just but a few people too with about twenty-five thousand occupants in the last year. This Welsh town has excellent social amenities, suitable for raising a family in the quietest of places. The famous Cardiff bay is just but a walk away, that is, if you consider three miles of terrain a walk.

The city of Penarth has fantastic places to live in and it quite interesting too. The weather is very conducive, and the city is dotted with green, small-leaved trees along the pavements which are well tended to by the local government. It is a conducive environment to live in, especially when one is retired. Most of the residents of Penarth are homeowners, and a majority are retired people. However, the few properties that are available to rent don’t come cheap, standing at a thousand one hundred for a one-bedroom apartment. You must understand that you are not just paying for the house, but for the security accorded with living in the town.


The UK is an attractive spot for anyone wishing to live in the Queen’s turf. Most places are relatively affordable, but some, as mentioned above, come with a high cost of living and hefty rent rates. As seen, the most expensive part of the kingdom is unsurprisingly England, having five entries in the above list. Out of the ten, it is decided that the most expensive city to rent in, in the UK is London, almost three times more costly than the cheapest place on the list. The above figures quoted as rents are subject to change by agencies and realtors consulted during the writing of this article.